Welcome to the Ambrosial Milpitas Buffet

Where our restaurant, Milpitas foods will satisfy every tender desire of your taste buds! At Milpitas Buffet we value every aspect of the culinary art– starting from design to preparation to cooking to servicing and then lastly cleaning. Every step of our craft is honed and skilled, ready to serve you with perfection.

We rotate 200 different items (chinese restaurant milpitas& jananese restaurant milpitas) everyday including the finest of seafood such as snow-crabs along with the best of the traditional buffet, South Bay assembly. Our restaurant, Milpitas has something for everyone, whether you wish to indulge in our enticing desserts, or wish to chomp away at some flavor-saturated B.B.Q. spare ribs, or Chinese food or Japanese food, we’ll have you captivated by our grandiose selection.

Come on in, we (buffet, south bay) are serving all week and for all kinds of occasions: party trays, banquets, business parties, along with all other celebrations.